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scheduler & social media 

The second of five children, Jan Travis has been seeking peace amongst chaos for most of her life. This would explain her love of crashing waves and making things with her hands. Once an art teacher, she was often the only adult amongst 30 paintbrush wielding kindergarteners which taught her the importance of good organization. Motherhood is teaching her to prioritize. She is a passionate learner, filterless oversharer, and has been told by polite people that she should have a blog rather than saying, “Tell someone who cares.” Her family of five resides in a “just tiny enough” Cape Cod home where they practice the art of home and life.



your friendly organizer

Since her youth, Amy Miller has wanted to do a number of things with her life. This list includes wanting to be a song creator, a thing maker, a sweets baker, a color coordinator, but most of all, a people helper. Her desire to help others led her to the field of social work. She loves seeing people live their lives to their full potential, and also finds great pleasure in figuring out how to make a home live up to its full potential, whether it’s through organizing or interior design. Amy and her husband's 

current life motto is “everything is figureoutable.”

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