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Our simplifying and organizing process begins with a free hour-long consultation.

We will discuss your vision for your home and determine your

strengths and frustrations. Whether it's one or two coaching sessions

to get you started or five to ten sessions to organize your entire home,

we will discuss a simplifying strategy that best fits your needs.

Although we recommend at least five 5-hour sessions to complete your home, how many sessions we schedule really depends on how much you have in your home and how much simplifying you want to do on your own. We recommend choosing from one of our packages below.



1 Session

1 to 5 hours

of virtual simplifying


For those who want an alternative to in-person sessions or who want to supplement their

in-person sessions.



1 Session

5 hours

of in-home simplifying


For the self-starter who just

needs some guidance and accountability to get it done.

We recommend working on the clothing category during your coaching session to learn the basics of simplifying.

We will then make a comprehensive organizing plan/schedule that will allow you to organize your entire home on your own.

Five Session


5 Sessions

25 hours

of in-home simplifying


(saves $375)

For those who need some help in their most challenging categories, but are happy to complete homework with guidance.

ten Session


10 Sessions

50 hours

of in-home simplifying


(saves $875)

For those feeling stuck or overwhelmed and need some hand-holding.

We get it! Let us help!

Each session includes the removal of one car load of donations.

Each package includes follow-up email correspondence throughtout the simplifying process.

Additional organizing time at each session (over the 5 hour limit) 

will be charged at an hourly rate of $50.


20% off our package prices are available for the following:

  • Single, Adoptive, and Foster Parents

  • Teachers

  • Military Personnel & Veterans

  • Seniors aged 65+

  • Social Service Referrals

Payment plans and further financial assistance is available.

The purchase of full-priced sessions goes toward helping families in need.

Thank you for your support! 

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