Adventures in Weirdland

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Healthy Eating Weirdland is a magical place. I found it through my pantry. The food and people there can be strange and wonderful. You'll find things sprouting and fermenting. The food I mean (mostly). First you must take tiny baby steps into a mysterious forest. Then, if you are lucky, you will slow motion fall down a rabbit hole. You'll finally land with a thud and find yourself in a strange place indeed. The food there says "Eat me" and it changes you. When you finally eat the food that lets you out the door, you realize you have an adventure ahead. You encounter some interesting characters along the way that change the way you think forever. And then at the end, the Queen of Hearts gets really ticked off at you and demands you use a flamingo as a croquet mallet. Oh wait.

If you read my Gut Decisions post, then you know that the impetus of my family's adventure was decluttering our pantry. That's a good place to start your adventure. My venture in Weirdland has not been without challenges. How to get my family to join me down the rabbit hole was the first of them. Figuring out what to eat and how we were going to afford it was another. I have felt as lost as Alice, as dumb as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, as crazy as The Mad Hatter, and as anxious as the White Rabbit at times.

Finding your way is easier if you meet some friendly characters who are willing to give you directions. One such character I encountered in Weirdland is Graham Hill. His TED talk "Why I am a Weekday Vegetarian" just makes sense. This talk can be a tool for convincing your family to come along on the adventure. It makes you think about what you eat and the cost (and not just financial). We are Weekday Vegetarians now. I'll save how we eat on the weekends for another day. Until then, if you fall down the hole or are already down here, give me a call and we'll do tea!

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