An Organizing Adventure with Katapult Engineering

At Dwell Happy, we get excited about decluttering alongside our clients. It's that really nerdy kind of excitement, like how a book-lover feels when they sit down to get immersed in a new book and can't wait to discover the new characters, new adventures, and new ideas. All of you bibliophiles know what we're talking about. But unfortunately there isn't a word for people like us who get ramped up by the thought of decluttering and organizing. But trust us, we love it!

We are always up for new organizing adventures and recently we were able to work with Katapult, an OSP engineering company based in Dillsburg, PA, to help them declutter their fielding room. Yes, we were as clueless as the next person as to what the purpose of a fielding room is exactly. We found such a variety of items in this fielding room: cameras, hard hats, large retractable measuring sticks, power cords, phone chargers (so many cords and chargers!), reflective vests, safety glasses, tripods, camelbaks, umbrellas, machetes(!?), etc. So what exactly does Katapult do in order to need a room full of such a variety of equipment? When we asked Isaac Tucker, Katapult’s Director of Marketing, he said, “Basically we take pictures of telephone poles for a living.” This explained the cameras, but we wanted a little more detail, so he went on to say that, “We take pictures to measure the poles, we use a photogrammetry system, and we collect utility pole data for utility and fiber companies so that they can attach new cables and place new poles in the field.”

Just like in a home, it is important to create an organized environment in the workplace, so that companies, such as Katapult, can focus their energy on what is truly important. Now, with all the clutter removed and all the field equipment in its place, we believe this newly organized fielding room would bring joy to any hard-working field worker.

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