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less clutter. more life.

"Happiness resides not in possessions, and not in gold -

happiness dwells in the soul."



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We are sisters and we are on a mission.

We started Dwell Happy because we are

passionate about helping others experience

the joy and freedom that comes from

simplifying your home.

Our purpose is to help you create space in

your life for the things that really matter.


Dwell Happy Headshot.jpeg

wHy simplify?

We believe that one of the keys to a happy life is simplicity. Making space for only the things you love and need in your home automatically translates into making more space for what you love and need in your life.  Physically seeing that you have more than enough brings about a huge perspective change.

This perspective change has an incredible ripple effect on all aspects of life.

  • It helps you to take a deeper look at your relationship with your stuff.

  • You’ll have a much deeper appreciation for the things you already own.

  • You’ll make smarter choices about what you bring into your home. 

  • You'll have time for the things that really matter to you.

When you eliminate the excess, you'll gain more clarity about

what you really need for a healthy, happy life.

~Courtney Carver

The Process

  • Make a vision for your home and life.

  • Organize by category, not room-by-room.

  • Go through everything in your house and keep only the things you love, need, and/or actually use.

  • Keep like items together instead of in multiple areas of your home.

  • Never have to organize your home again.

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